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Global Warning

by Sun Rise Above

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    The soulful, and at times dark album album that made Sun Rise Above's critical views of capitalist society available to a large audience for the first time.

    This bandcamp pick your price digital version includes two bonus tracks ("Elevation" and "Witness") from the original album release that have not been available for years. Also included are full lyrics for each song, commentary by Sun Rise Above, and the original cover.
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Chorus: Double Infiniti, we've got the remedy For any and all sickness, when I spit this I hit this, right on target the marksman Thoughts spin on axis, from out the darkness (repeat) Verse 1: MCs, bring the real game and stop scrimmaging 'Cause when I'm in your villages I'm pillaging Killing a million men, and ain't no iller than The sun, anywhere that I shine It ain't fair that I rhyme, I should give them a chance Why should I make club tracks? I ain't living to dance Hey yo my brain is sort of advanced Rappers, you're ass backward that's why you thought of it last And then you, thought it would last, exploiting my peoples But I taught them a class, avoiding all evils And there's one thing I want y'all kids to know, it's that No one knows all there is to know And I live to flow, not to get ice or rich and Y'all complaining on how life's a bitch but She's a queen in disguise, I feel the pain I see in her eyes The Sun needed to rise to speak on the science (Chorus x2) Verse 2: The sun, rise in darkness, shine regardless The mind that authors, times are heartless This kind of artist, you're not used to I'm not the hardest and I don't want to shoot you Keep it real, I don't live and pretend About gems on my Timbs or rims on my Benz I rode a bus to the Bronx, a Greyhound To lay down, these thoughts that you rock Now out your speakers, bow when you see this Down to the street this, style is uniqueness I vow to delete this, foulness and weakness Now you repeat this, out from the darkness My mouth is a fortress, open the gates I know that I'm great so what's the debate You're hoping you're safe, but I know where you stay Get ready for the raw, 'cause I rolled in today (Chorus x2) There's a war out there old friend; a World War. And it's not about who's got the most bullets. It's about who controls the information. What you see and hear. How we work. What we think. It's all about the information!
Verse 1: It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you Without a revolution anthem to load a tech to All respect to those who's doing it Making improvements within the freedom movement Full clips and weapons for the people Against the evil, and all the bullshit they're reppin Throw your fist up, don't get me mixed up with no man Grown man talking about my own plans A rebel quality is the best thing I got from my old man Fighting for my own land, Cherokee blood boiling Oil in the chamber, the world ain't a stranger I love you all, but devils out there want to run you all The sunshine is something no one can escape When I cock back the hammer and blast ray at your face Chorus: I get down for revolution I get down for revolution I get down for revolution Verse 2: The situation got me frustrated This is the Boston Tea Party updated We run out with guns out The suns shining from up in the sky And for the hundredth time I'm wondering why The people paying tax The rich man's living off the poor man's labor while he's breaking his back I hear them snap from here all the way to Liberia It don't seem real to you until it happens in your own home No phone it's gone with the water and power Now are you gonna listen, we got to plan the mission Praise the lord, 'hallelujah', pass the ammunition For the natives, this hatchet I bury it Cause they was taken from their land by the hands of terrorists Christopher Columbus couldn't use a fucking compass But schools try to turn this zero into a hero I ask why, stand by I'm reading the facts As more chances pass by for us to take our freedom back We react, we need to crack the Liberty Bell But how ironic, that somebody already got it (Chorus) Verse 3: The only king I ever loved was Martin Luther Spark the future, let the seeds know that we need growth Somebody asked me Sun Cease what you mean You always talking about how we got to get free Don't you realize we're living in the home of the brave? I smacked the brother in the face and said we're living in the home of the slaves You better wake up while I shake up the world You can't make up for centuries of oppression I teach a lesson with a shot through a cop's intestines Call me I'm crazy, but maybe I'm thinking fine A forty-four can do a lot more than a picket sign Advanced shit, pipe bombs blow away your pamphlets And this is the way I'm blasting back, rap on tracks Put the bookmark in the Bible and pass the mac (x 7)
Bad News 02:32
Word up. Broadcasting live. Bring the cameras in. Verse 1: You hear the news today? It's 1493 This great explorer Columbus is lost without a compass Landed in the Caribbean thought it was India, he's stranded Commanded a crew, even they knew he was crazy His Europeans, the Taínos never seen those Pale skin and faces but still embraced them It was give no take. And what did they get in return? Diseases, got burned, and their women raped Columbus somehow discovers something that was already there Then claims it for his queen and then he plunders The resources then wonders, what else he can take The native peoples' fate, is to die or be enslaved 'Cause he claims they're savage, as he ravages the land Brought his rats and roaches to the paradise's golden sands And somehow this terrorist still went down in history As a noble explorer, but it don't make no fucking sense to me Verse 2: You hear the news today? It's 1963. Broadcasting live from 16th Street The Klan is mad deep in Alabama, that's where the problem stands They changed the name of Birmingham into Bombingham 'Cause what happened at this Baptist church A bomb explodes, removes three young souls from the earth Three young black queens killed because of their skin color The FBI investigations discover a suspect A worthless white supremacist slob Demolition expert, his name was dynamite bomb Charged with possession of TNT and found guilty But the thing that kills me, he appeal and won Sometime later a new attorney general elected Although the years had passed, they still nailed his assassinated Found him guilty, lifetime jailed his ass Died in the belly of the beast, prison killed his assassinated Verse 3: You hear the news today? It's 2003 And thousands see the wrath of a madman A president that nobody voted for Starting wars with other countries, lying to the people Pure evil in office, like this mother fucker Ashcroft Taking away human rights with the Patriot Act And our speech ain't free, 'cause the media is censored You only hear the views corporate America wants you to We facing death by AIDS, which was created By the World Health Organization Who included the disease in African bound vaccinations Across the nation, police are brutalizing, utilize your eyes Take off your blinders and see the truth You want the news? Tune to Sun Caesar in the booth
Split Second 02:57
Yeah. You know, people talk about time and space. You know, what exactly is time. Or time as you know it? As soon as I say “the future,” that becomes now. And as soon as I say “now,” that becomes the past. You know, time is a funny thing. Verse 1: Time keeps slipping, my eyes squinting I'm seeing different beings, in different places The same time, 9 AM in the Eastern Standard We still stranded, I watch the hands of a clock shake then stop I walk around and see what's going down this very second Just what you expected, as I step into a random ghetto Lethal weapon ejecting bullets representing for a block of concrete I'm on feet, I'm walking, I hear a politician talking To some man about some plan, they shake hands and pass a suitcase I saw a new face, getting born in the hospital Coming out of a single mother, he brings the struggle I want to hug you but I'm out of body I hear a shotty blasting A cop screaming, asking is he matching a description I'm dipping, gone to another location The Caribbean, and people are filling in a church Praying for salvation, putting their last few cents in The collection plate, I kept the faith and kept moving I'm in South America, they rebelling for freedom I see them fighting, I'm lightning Shooting, moving, landed somewhere in the middle of Africa I see daughters crying tears, needing clean water I breathe harder head to Asia where now my breath stops Seeing human beings slaving in a sweatshop To make shoes, so we can make moves on the East Coast I'm back in this foolish nation, full rotation It blew my mind I hear the clock wind And start ticking again, I'm tripping again
(Che Guevara) Porque es la naturaleza del imperialismo la que bestializa a los hombres... Verse 1: Stay concealed, guerrillas in the midst of fighting We make plans to strike like lightning Hitting right in the cash purse, the place it hurts worst Nature's on our side, we ride with the earth's force Roll into your banks with a shank, because we've got to eat My people starving, from Pittsburgh up to Harlem And even further, some people needing water Can you imagine that? That's why I start my battles at the mental level So I can hunt the devil, down And put his stinking evil ass into the underground Imperialists been fearing this The people come together as one, then we strike back Yeah it's like that, this is more than just a tight rap Or fight back, we've got to be aggressors to see successes These are the lessons, vamonos grab the weapons (Che Guevara) Porque es la naturaleza del imperialismo la que bestializa a los hombres... Verse 2: Fuck peaceful activism, I have to hit them It's me against capitalism, attacking the system And setting all the prisoners free The position of me is to be enemy of the state So remember me as great, Sun cease the day Martyr, suicide bomber blowing lies away George W Bush is evil the sequel You fake people I see through like a peephole To what's on the other side, your best bet to run and hide 'Cause once the Sun collide with mics I'm leaving none alive And there ain't who none who lied to the greatest mind Waste of time, won't survive the wrath of the sun splash Months pass and time flies, with the future rhyme styles Flying cows, tornadoes, natural disasters And after this passes, you punk asses want to play cool But this ain't Playskool, I'm higher learning The desire burning deep inside, keep the heat alive (Che Guevara) Porque es la naturaleza del imperialismo la que bestializa a los hombres... Verse 3: No longer shall we be enslaved, I see the day That we can say we are free, and that's the goal Raps are cool, but I'm talking about some real shit Sometimes you've got to kill shit before you can rebuild shit Yo feel this, grab a weapon because it's time for war The majority of the world is starving and poor That means a few rich motherfuckers are owning the shit Now what's that make you want to do with loaded clips? (Che Guevara) Porque es la naturaleza del imperialismo la que bestializa a los hombres...
Peace Queen 03:49
Chorus: You're a queen, but it seems that you don't know 'Cause without sunlight, a seed won't grow You'll never know how beautiful a flower can be without water Peace to the mothers, the sisters, the daughters (repeat) Verse 1: Peace queen, why you let that man treat you like that? Why you let that fool beat you like that? Yo let me teach you some facts, release them on wax Relax, you ain't a fool, but please understand you're worth more than your weight in gold You're the soil that the seed grows from Without you, we are nothing, believe in something Like the sunshine within you, then you begin to understand You are the wisdom and love of man kind You stand fine on your own two I know you and to know you is to love you And all queens worldwide (Chorus x 2) Verse 2: I understand, I've seen my mother get beaten by my father's hand It left me bothered and I can hardly talk about it But I'll do it to help you through it Listen, he's got your mind imprisoned Thinking what you're in is love, but you know it isn't Hitting is not a sign of affection It's the sign of a man pointed in the wrong direction You're a queen, and you should be respected And treated as one, seated on thrones You need to take your seed and be gone (You can do better) And who better to prove it than you (Chorus x 2) Word up. Peace to the queens. Queens of the earth. Brothers, you need to start respecting these queens out here. Word up. That's where you came from. The backbone of civilization. The better half. You came from your mother. You know what I'm saying? Word up. Yo, much love to the queens of the world. Realize that you are a queen. No matter what you did, where you're going, or where you came from. It's all irrelevant. You're a queen and you deserve to be treated that way. So don't settle for nothing less. I love y'all. Much love to all queens worldwide. All races and sizes; religions and creeds; ages and nationalities. I love y'all. Word up. Much love to my mom. Much love to grandma. Much love to my daughters. I love y'all. Rest in peace Grandma Dean.
Big Brother 01:55
Yo, I've got to tell y'all something man. I think I'm being watched, on the real. I'm seeing all types of flashing lights outside the window. And helicopters and sirens. The street lights are blinking. I don't know. I just feel like someone is looking at me. You know what I'm saying? Somebody is watching me. Verse 1: The government is watching me through my windows I thought I heard the wind blow, nah that isn't it though They tip toe for info, one day they're gonna slip though Until they do, I'm fucking obsessed like a nympho It's simple, they watch mail and know where I live What's up with all these helicopters flying over my crib? Making the night bright, I guess it's possible it's life flight But I never turn off my night light and sleep gripping my knife tight You might call me paranoid or even a psycho But I ask what happened to JFK junior in that flight though I might know, my mind contains more than just a tight flow Alright Joe, gotta roll, they might not notice me overseas But if you take if you take a flight they'll be on to you, probably follow you Besides you become more of an obvious target as a foreigner (Get off me. Get off me. Get off! What, huh? Come on, what?) The government's watching me I've gotta get away The government's watching me I've gotta get away The government's watching me I've gotta get away
I'm witnessing a crime scene, spitting what my mind's seen I'm out of body, it's kind of foggy Now it's getting clear, so I sit and stare It's hard, I'm watching all these bodies dropping (Dednim lanimirc, dednim lanimirc) I'm witnessing a crime scene, spitting what my mind's seen I'm out of body, it's kind of foggy Now it's getting clear, so I sit and stare It's hard, I'm watching all these bodies dropping (Dednim lanimirc, dednim lanimirc) Verse 1: Hey yo, my mind is clear, breathe deep the rhyme is here I sense the signs of fear, nervous shakes, crying tears Hot metal iron spears, flying leaves him dying here He's hit in the head so, I see rivers of red flowing And cover the curb, mother crying, it must have been her Son falling to her knees, but I gives a fuck I feel no empathy, I'm the killer that you never see Witness won't remember me, cops forget eventually I grab the Glock and step, I got this block in check I don't like some shit you said, that's disrespect, you're dead I'll split your head, and leave your melon open The metal smoking or whatever get a felon open I'm witnessing a crime scene, spitting what my mind's seen I'm out of body, it's kind of foggy Now it's getting clear, so now I sit and stare This hottie is getting raped, it's like nobodies safe (Dednim lanimirc, dednim lanimirc) I'm witnessing a crime scene, spitting what my mind's seen I'm out of body, it's kind of foggy Now it's getting clear, so now I sit and stare This hottie is getting raped, it's like nobodies safe (Dednim lanimirc, dednim lanimirc) Damn Verse 2: I'm desperate, somebody that nobody want to mess with Seen this fine bitch I want to sex it Grab her by her hair, drag her in the alley And now she's screaming wildly One hand over her mouth, other open her blouse Staring at her tits, my dick is getting hard Spit on the tip, pussy rip, hitting hard Pull out my bloody cock, and make the bitch taste it I'm faceless, face it, I'm just another rapist 'Cause cases like this happen every day To every age, females in every place My mind's going wilder than a profiler I'm out of my body, can't hardly control What I just saw unfold has got my head aching My pen shaking, we've been forsaken With the worst curses Criminal minded, in the first person The first person
Chorus: Who cares who sucks the president? Or about 'illegal immigrants' when half the residents are Ku Klux The Blue plus, the white and the red Fifty stars are propaganda beat you right in the head I'm fighting the feds, for possession of the people's lands Their evil hands are controlled by political minds Borders ain't nothing but invisible lines Thirteen bars that imprison the mind, stars and bars Verse 1: We live in a time of turmoil Missiles fly and innocents die for the earth's oil The worst royal tyrant is George W, and his violence Flying his bomb dropping sky ships Over our head, recruiting our kids Propaganda tells them that they got to shoot or be dead Uncle Sam wants you, but he ain't getting me I got one life to live and I ain't going on a killing spree And as that sinks in deep down you're feeling me But scared to speak cause your speech ain't really free And the government's loving it It's easy to take away your rights when your mind is on some other shit Like terrorism, cause you just know what you're told Brainwashed since the birth, you just grow in the mold I owe it to old heads that came before me To explain the whole the story and pain of old glory (Chorus x2) Verse 2: I'm sick, my throat hurts, I wrote words Wonder if you're hearing me, fuck a conspiracy Seriously and factual, they're actually attacking you The same one's I'm rapping to, pigs will bust a cap into You think it can't happen, do you really? Or do you feel me, cause you know where it came from? Don't play dumb, 'cause the same ones You came to see on stage Would have been slaves a couple years ago Money don't grow on trees, it grows in cotton fields Peep these corporations, how you think they got their mils? Stop and chill, look around for the evidence The red is for the blood of the immigrants, that died for white power And the blue, is for the water that all those dead slaves are swimming in The first president was a slave owner, it ain't over We're still stuck behind stars and bars (Chorus x2)
The World 03:55
Yeah. Good morning world. It's your man Sun Sees. You know, every day I wake up... I think about how I'm going to get a piece of the world today. You know, the world is yours. But it could be mine too. And I want it all. Verse 1: I'm like Scarface, stuck between a hard place and rocks Those old days are lost, I'm living for the present tense Evidence I'm chosen and can't escape my destiny Eventually in centuries, world history will mention me Intentionally strike, like the globe is in my hand With the wisdom of an old man, I stand strong From the hills of the Burgh to the beaches of San Juan And on, with the rhythm, I live within the drums Get up in them when I come, like semen in the womb Proceeding to consume, all that exists within my visual Political charge, people at odds 'cause they're miserable Analytic thought always leads my to assume I fight not for what I have now but will have soon People I thought I knew changed like the moon, move in cycles Psychos on the creep, in the street they make night moves Strike you when you sleep, in the shadows making light move Chorus: The world is a lot bigger than your block or street Fuck living on your knees, I'd rather die on your feet The world is yours but it could belong to me Fuck living on your knees, I'd rather die on your feet (repeat) Verse 2: When a dream comes true, then it must have been reality In actuality, I see them scheming for a salary Snakes slither free, they slide on technicalities Can't knock the hustle, muscle tissue burning calories Abnormalities, physicians administer poison Poised in the position, politicians seize the noise and Increase the void, between those feasting and those starving For the next meal, I'm thirsting, fuck the next mil When I burst in, I'm still searching for the first ten Stomach hurting on the real, and we're dying it seems Parolees doing dirt while they try to stay clean They striving for cream, get it by any means necessary Some go as far as praying to the blessed Mary Virgin for detergent, to wash away their sins The arson so begins, fire by your own hands Watching your own land burn like Sahara's gold sands (Chorus x 2) Verse 3: The mind is divine, I find it sublime But every line of this rhyme is a sign of the time I'm on to the science of the physical I'm running with It's critical for y'all to hold me down like the government The title of this track is deceiving at first The world is yours but nobody holds a deed to the earth Receiving the words I transmit as my hands grip This mic for enhancement, believe in the song The beefing is on, whether or not I'm screaming peace I'm using human features to defeat the demon beast All I'm seeing in the streets is death and destruction People lusting for heaven, triple sevens left them busted Never trusted in the afterlife, I'm living for now For real, if I had a mil I'd give half of it out Doing a world wide tour, straight passing it out The only thing I need in massive amounts you can't count Come on
Verse 1: (Sun Rise Above) I feel alone, even when surrounding by thousands 'Cause no one understands me, and no one ever has Thinking I'll never last in this planet of the apes Time is running out fast, so I'm planning an escape There's only one way for the sun ray to shine Get the clouds out my mind, counting time till the end of days In many ways, people change like the seasons My brain got me seeing these snakes disguised as human beings Chorus: If I could turn back the hands of time, and analyze this life Slow motion with camera eyes And then I, could get my mind right And make those decisions, perfect vision with 20/20 hindsight Verse 2: (A'thyntik) Marvin sweets and candy, that won't be dropped To coke D, out late, my fate who licked shots Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Yeah I do them too Can't even still on kids no more, everybody will sue Getting caught with more bucks, like raping your dad's wallet Or involved in misplaced scenarios Oppression, can you call it? In famous clothes, insane as goes Complain about foes, spit game at hoes Spit same at those, who can't understand my meaning My theory towards rapping Come close to me, battles the best Young it's the chrome I'm clacking Slow I'm laughing, off of cats really trying to hack it Contorted, distorted, you heard it Y'all fagots got wack ish (Chorus) Verse 3: (Sun Rise Above) If I could turn the hands of time back before a nine to five So everyone coming up to me wouldn't have eyes made of dollar signs 'Cause on my mind is loss from the cost With sisters not looking for brains but brothers who floss Got me lost on the path, without my shepherd Even doubting my ethic, but I just can't accept it So I left it (where), right where it was 'Cause that night I was buzzed, fighting the fuzz Drunk off the rum, even striking my love My seeds got needs, but my pockets empty constantly 'Cause I can't let no man ever be the boss of me When for every ten I earn them make a thousand off of me It's grand larceny, I just call it how I see it (Chorus)


released September 10, 2003

Cover by Jean Goode of Brainwaye.




Sun Rise Above New York, New York

"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm." -CNet

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