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Bad News

from Global Warning by Sun Rise Above



Word up.
Broadcasting live.

Bring the cameras in.

Verse 1:

You hear the news today? It's 1493
This great explorer Columbus is lost without a compass
Landed in the Caribbean thought it was India, he's stranded
Commanded a crew, even they knew he was crazy
His Europeans, the Taínos never seen those
Pale skin and faces but still embraced them
It was give no take. And what did they get in return?
Diseases, got burned, and their women raped
Columbus somehow discovers something that was already there
Then claims it for his queen and then he plunders
The resources then wonders, what else he can take
The native peoples' fate, is to die or be enslaved
'Cause he claims they're savage, as he ravages the land
Brought his rats and roaches to the paradise's golden sands
And somehow this terrorist still went down in history
As a noble explorer, but it don't make no fucking sense to me

Verse 2:

You hear the news today? It's 1963.
Broadcasting live from 16th Street
The Klan is mad deep in Alabama, that's where the problem stands
They changed the name of Birmingham into Bombingham
'Cause what happened at this Baptist church
A bomb explodes, removes three young souls from the earth
Three young black queens killed because of their skin color
The FBI investigations discover a suspect
A worthless white supremacist slob
Demolition expert, his name was dynamite bomb
Charged with possession of TNT and found guilty
But the thing that kills me, he appeal and won
Sometime later a new attorney general elected
Although the years had passed, they still nailed his assassinated
Found him guilty, lifetime jailed his ass
Died in the belly of the beast, prison killed his assassinated

Verse 3:

You hear the news today? It's 2003
And thousands see the wrath of a madman
A president that nobody voted for
Starting wars with other countries, lying to the people
Pure evil in office, like this mother fucker Ashcroft
Taking away human rights with the Patriot Act
And our speech ain't free, 'cause the media is censored
You only hear the views corporate America wants you to
We facing death by AIDS, which was created
By the World Health Organization
Who included the disease in African bound vaccinations
Across the nation, police are brutalizing, utilize your eyes
Take off your blinders and see the truth
You want the news? Tune to Sun Caesar in the booth


from Global Warning, released September 10, 2003
Produced by Sun Rise Above. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sun Rise Above at the Operating Room (Pittsburgh, PA).




Sun Rise Above New York, New York

"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm." -CNet

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