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Big Brother

from Global Warning by Sun Rise Above



This song was as much about the overarching reach of the government as conspiracy theorists and paranoia. Sometimes the two combine, and often for good reason. The faint dialogue at the end of the track was done by Origen.


Yo, I've got to tell y'all something man.
I think I'm being watched, on the real.
I'm seeing all types of flashing lights outside the window.
And helicopters and sirens.
The street lights are blinking.
I don't know. I just feel like someone is looking at me.
You know what I'm saying?
Somebody is watching me.

Verse 1:

The government is watching me through my windows
I thought I heard the wind blow, nah that isn't it though
They tip toe for info, one day they're gonna slip though
Until they do, I'm fucking obsessed like a nympho
It's simple, they watch mail and know where I live
What's up with all these helicopters flying over my crib?
Making the night bright, I guess it's possible it's life flight
But I never turn off my night light and sleep gripping my knife tight
You might call me paranoid or even a psycho
But I ask what happened to JFK junior in that flight though
I might know, my mind contains more than just a tight flow
Alright Joe, gotta roll, they might not notice me overseas
But if you take if you take a flight they'll be on to you, probably follow you
Besides you become more of an obvious target as a foreigner

(Get off me. Get off me. Get off!
What, huh?
Come on, what?)

The government's watching me
I've gotta get away

The government's watching me
I've gotta get away

The government's watching me
I've gotta get away


from Global Warning, released September 10, 2003
Produced by Sun Rise Above. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Origen at IRS Studio (Pittsburgh, PA)




Sun Rise Above New York, New York

"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm." -CNet

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