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Down 4 Revolution

from Global Warning by Sun Rise Above



"Down 4 Revolution" was one of the last songs recorded for Global Warning. This track was by far the most popular on the album. Origen cracked a can of soda in the beginning to set it off.


Verse 1:

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
Without a revolution anthem to load a tech to
All respect to those who's doing it
Making improvements within the freedom movement
Full clips and weapons for the people
Against the evil, and all the bullshit they're reppin
Throw your fist up, don't get me mixed up with no man
Grown man talking about my own plans
A rebel quality is the best thing I got from my old man
Fighting for my own land, Cherokee blood boiling
Oil in the chamber, the world ain't a stranger
I love you all, but devils out there want to run you all
The sunshine is something no one can escape
When I cock back the hammer and blast ray at your face


I get down for revolution
I get down for revolution
I get down for revolution

Verse 2:

The situation got me frustrated
This is the Boston Tea Party updated
We run out with guns out
The suns shining from up in the sky
And for the hundredth time I'm wondering why
The people paying tax
The rich man's living off the poor man's labor while he's breaking his back
I hear them snap from here all the way to Liberia
It don't seem real to you until it happens in your own home
No phone it's gone with the water and power
Now are you gonna listen, we got to plan the mission
Praise the lord, 'hallelujah', pass the ammunition
For the natives, this hatchet I bury it
Cause they was taken from their land by the hands of terrorists
Christopher Columbus couldn't use a fucking compass
But schools try to turn this zero into a hero
I ask why, stand by I'm reading the facts
As more chances pass by for us to take our freedom back
We react, we need to crack the Liberty Bell
But how ironic, that somebody already got it


Verse 3:

The only king I ever loved was Martin Luther
Spark the future, let the seeds know that we need growth
Somebody asked me Sun Cease what you mean
You always talking about how we got to get free
Don't you realize we're living in the home of the brave?
I smacked the brother in the face and said we're living in the home of the slaves
You better wake up while I shake up the world
You can't make up for centuries of oppression
I teach a lesson with a shot through a cop's intestines
Call me I'm crazy, but maybe I'm thinking fine
A forty-four can do a lot more than a picket sign
Advanced shit, pipe bombs blow away your pamphlets
And this is the way I'm blasting back, rap on tracks
Put the bookmark in the Bible and pass the mac (x 7)


from Global Warning, released September 10, 2003
Produced by Rendesten. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Origen at IRS studio (Pittsburgh, PA).




Sun Rise Above New York, New York

"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm." -CNet

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