Maybe Tomorrow

by Sun Rise Above

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Hip hop you can't stop the candle lights
Bring a hundred thousand from the Bronx to stomp the Hamptonites
Read a lot of Rosa but I never was the dancing type
Reaching new lows, flows rose to Titanic heights
Not a fan in sight, from the Rockies to the Annamites
Man you might miss me with the blues, whose tanzanite?
Never panning right, red until I'm dead and ashes
But I'd rather dead a fascist fast, be forever classless
Unfettered masses on the loose who choose to rise above
Comprising of workers tired they jerk us and their lies enough
Time flies when you're having fun
I'm having none, until the working day's done, fuck is my gun?

Hip hop you can't stop the class struggle
Billion man chain gang looking like a mass snuggle
Brass knuckle hit ya, get ya stuck in a fast scuffle
Last couple knocked down then I heard pop sounds
They're given out awards over 800-Cop-Down
Locked down the city, couldn't give me a hot round
Fuck the top down, we're grass roots and fast moving
A hundred million in the building it's a mass movement
Ask Susan B, we organizing while we grooving
But we're down for revolution not just a vile improvement
Wait around a while? No, now is the time for moving
How can humans go from ruin to a new communion?

Hip hop you can't stop the decadence
System in decline, late capitalism is desolate
Empty as a desert, the whole effort's embezzlement
Bitter pill to swallow investing in western medicine
Escape space traveling, Musk is no Edison
Electrify the internet with vinaigrettes and meddling
Peddling rubbish, with the numbers they're reticent
It's all a big scam, flim-flam the impediment
The sediment clear as mud, fear the thud
When the card house crumbles they'll be smeared in blood
We're geared to love each other, but we're steered to thug
I peered above the battle, there appeared a dove
And that's fly


released January 8, 2021




Sun Rise Above New York, New York

"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm." -CNet

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