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Stars and Bars

from Global Warning by Sun Rise Above




Who cares who sucks the president?
Or about 'illegal immigrants' when half the residents are Ku Klux
The Blue plus, the white and the red
Fifty stars are propaganda beat you right in the head
I'm fighting the feds, for possession of the people's lands
Their evil hands are controlled by political minds
Borders ain't nothing but invisible lines
Thirteen bars that imprison the mind, stars and bars

Verse 1:

We live in a time of turmoil
Missiles fly and innocents die for the earth's oil
The worst royal tyrant is George W, and his violence
Flying his bomb dropping sky ships
Over our head, recruiting our kids
Propaganda tells them that they got to shoot or be dead
Uncle Sam wants you, but he ain't getting me
I got one life to live and I ain't going on a killing spree
And as that sinks in deep down you're feeling me
But scared to speak cause your speech ain't really free
And the government's loving it
It's easy to take away your rights when your mind is on some other shit
Like terrorism, cause you just know what you're told
Brainwashed since the birth, you just grow in the mold
I owe it to old heads that came before me
To explain the whole the story and pain of old glory

(Chorus x2)

Verse 2:

I'm sick, my throat hurts, I wrote words
Wonder if you're hearing me, fuck a conspiracy
Seriously and factual, they're actually attacking you
The same one's I'm rapping to, pigs will bust a cap into
You think it can't happen, do you really?
Or do you feel me, cause you know where it came from?
Don't play dumb, 'cause the same ones
You came to see on stage
Would have been slaves a couple years ago
Money don't grow on trees, it grows in cotton fields
Peep these corporations, how you think they got their mils?
Stop and chill, look around for the evidence
The red is for the blood of the immigrants, that died for white power
And the blue, is for the water that all those dead slaves are swimming in
The first president was a slave owner, it ain't over
We're still stuck behind stars and bars

(Chorus x2)


from Global Warning, released September 10, 2003
Produced by 7Wounds. Recorded, mixed and mastered by 7Wounds at ELEMENT Studio (Bronx, NY).




Sun Rise Above New York, New York

"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm." -CNet

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