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The World

from Global Warning by Sun Rise Above



This track is raw. The most intertwined and complex lyrics of the album are presented over a dope loop. This is one of my personal favorites.


Good morning world.
It's your man Sun Sees.
You know, every day I wake up...
I think about how I'm going to get a piece of the world today.
You know, the world is yours.
But it could be mine too.
And I want it all.

Verse 1:

I'm like Scarface, stuck between a hard place and rocks
Those old days are lost, I'm living for the present tense
Evidence I'm chosen and can't escape my destiny
Eventually in centuries, world history will mention me
Intentionally strike, like the globe is in my hand
With the wisdom of an old man, I stand strong
From the hills of the Burgh to the beaches of San Juan
And on, with the rhythm, I live within the drums
Get up in them when I come, like semen in the womb
Proceeding to consume, all that exists within my visual
Political charge, people at odds 'cause they're miserable
Analytic thought always leads my to assume
I fight not for what I have now but will have soon
People I thought I knew changed like the moon, move in cycles
Psychos on the creep, in the street they make night moves
Strike you when you sleep, in the shadows making light move


The world is a lot bigger than your block or street
Fuck living on your knees, I'd rather die on your feet
The world is yours but it could belong to me
Fuck living on your knees, I'd rather die on your feet


Verse 2:

When a dream comes true, then it must have been reality
In actuality, I see them scheming for a salary
Snakes slither free, they slide on technicalities
Can't knock the hustle, muscle tissue burning calories
Abnormalities, physicians administer poison
Poised in the position, politicians seize the noise and
Increase the void, between those feasting and those starving
For the next meal, I'm thirsting, fuck the next mil
When I burst in, I'm still searching for the first ten
Stomach hurting on the real, and we're dying it seems
Parolees doing dirt while they try to stay clean
They striving for cream, get it by any means necessary
Some go as far as praying to the blessed Mary
Virgin for detergent, to wash away their sins
The arson so begins, fire by your own hands
Watching your own land burn like Sahara's gold sands

(Chorus x 2)

Verse 3:

The mind is divine, I find it sublime
But every line of this rhyme is a sign of the time
I'm on to the science of the physical I'm running with
It's critical for y'all to hold me down like the government
The title of this track is deceiving at first
The world is yours but nobody holds a deed to the earth
Receiving the words I transmit as my hands grip
This mic for enhancement, believe in the song
The beefing is on, whether or not I'm screaming peace
I'm using human features to defeat the demon beast
All I'm seeing in the streets is death and destruction
People lusting for heaven, triple sevens left them busted
Never trusted in the afterlife, I'm living for now
For real, if I had a mil I'd give half of it out
Doing a world wide tour, straight passing it out
The only thing I need in massive amounts you can't count
Come on


from Global Warning, released September 10, 2003
Produced by Sun Rise Above. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Origen at I.R.S. Studio (Pittsburgh, PA).




Sun Rise Above New York, New York

"Reframing Public Enemy's uncompromising calls for revolution within a more millennial sonic paradigm." -CNet

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